DIY Home Security Systems In Morgantown Vs Professionally Installed Home Security Systems

February 19, 2021
Vivint home security in Morgantown

Like many residents, you may get roped into installing a DIY home security system in Morgantown. But then you’re banking on your handiness and programming proficiency, and your ability to install the right component in right spot. A few tinkerers can put up a security system that both looks and works well, and then there’s those that will make the system a huge disaster.

If only we asked ourselves before we started, what was more preferred: a DIY home security system in Morgantown or a smart home system that’s expertly installed by Vivint?

What can you expect with a DIY security system in Morgantown?

One of the benefits of a DIY home security solution is that you can buy singular devices a little at a time. You can begin your collection with a single alarm or camera, and then sprinkle in devices piecemeal from a slew of different companies. Depending on what component you choose, setup can seem simple and a few updated devices may sync with your Echo or Google Home.

Here are some other benefits of a DIY home security system in Morgantown:

  • Getting individual components might be cheaper.

  • You can add devices slowly over time and from competing brands.

  • A nice solution for homeowners that just want a paired-down system like a doorbell camera or a smart lock.

  • Some DIY home security devices are easy to install, if you understand where they should go.

Know that DIY security includes plenty of issues:

  • A DIY home security system may rely on old tech longer than a professional system.

  • If you mix and match brands they might not “talk” together or link to a central Smart Hub.

  • You have to choose the perfect spots for cameras, smoke detectors, and other devices.

  • You are responsible for installation, programming, and maintenance. Troubleshooting with customer service can be a hassle.

  • Your DIY security system may not have round-the-clock monitoring.

Vivint Home Security Products in Morgantown

Pros of a Vivint home security system in Morgantown

While a DIY system might feel like the ideal way to go, there are reasons to consider having your security system professionally installed. For instance, you're able to install a more comprehensive system when you choose a company such as Vivint. Not only are you able to have high-end security alarms, sensors, and cameras, but Vivint can also include monitored fire, flood, and CO detectors, 24-hour monitoring, and smart automation.

Here are some other benefits of a professionally installed security system in Morgantown

  • You get a full security system built for your house and security needs.

  • You can protect against fire, carbon monoxide, burglaries, and health emergencies through one central system using the Vivint App.

  • Your Vivint rep will know right where to hang devices.

  • You don’t have to rely on your own handiness or tech skills.

  • You’ll know all alarms and cameras work as they should before your Vivint installer leaves.

  • If an alarm, sensor, or camera is broken, just call Vivint to fix it.

  • 24-hour monitoring comes with your initial package.

Of course, there are some cons for a residential security system that’s installed by Vivint:

  • There could be installation fees.

  • You have to use their components and mobile app.

  • Round-the-clock monitoring includes a reoccurring charge.

So should you go with a professionally installed home security system or go with a DIY solution?

If all you need is one or two security products and you enjoy scouring the internet for product comparisons and installation walkthroughs, a DIY home security system might be right up your alley. But, if you need a comprehensive system that seamlessly links motion sensors, HD cameras, and smart devices, you should get a Vivint smart home system. It’s also a good idea to contact Vivint if you need features like monitored fire alarms, home automation, or medical pendants.

Basically, DIY won’t work when you need a more complex system. For a whole smart home, you should hire a reputable company.

The best expertly installed home security system in Morgantown is from Vivint

Once you decide to buy a professionally installed security system in Morgantown, go ahead and call (304) 903-6090. Your Vivint expert will create the ideal security system that meets your home’s needs. Call Vivint today or fill out the form below to get a free quote.